Project Ara, The Low Cost Modular Phone That Will Rival Apple’s iPhone


How many times did you wish your phone had a better camera? That’s what the creators of the Phoneblocks project wondered when they first made the concept. A long time is passed since then, and now, thanks to Google and Motorola, everyone’s dream comes true. Yes, because the phone is said to be available from next year for the breathtaking price of $50!

If those rumors were true, it would mean a huge revolution of the smartphone market: we wouldn’t go to the store to buy a phone anymore, but to buy a new camera or a new processor. The project also started with an ecological aim, in fact not having to throw away your smartphone whenever a component gets broken would lead to an incremental decrease of electronic waste.

Modularity would also make smartphones indispensable devices for everyone, more than they already are, and the possibility to modify your phone’s features and characteristics would totally change people’s life and probably make it much easier. For this reasons, and for many others, Phoneblocks started getting more and more likes on Facebook and right now there are 395 thousands people waiting for this amazing concept to become reality.

The rumors also suggest that the components could be 3D printed, which would contribute to involve people to finally create their own phone, guided by their own interests and necessities. Finally, Project Ara itself is a serious attempt to kill Apple’s iPhone’s popularity and transform smartphones from “user-friendly” to “user-made”.


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