Beer, Please. This Robot Can Pour You One!


Its name is PR2, it was developed by Willow Garage and yes, it can pour you a beer. The idea comes from the fact that people at Willow Garage after a hard work session start thinking that they would really like a beer, but they don’t want to leave their place in order to get it.

Laziness? We don’t know, but there’s surely a lot of work behind the realization of a task like this, which can appear really simple to humans, but that is actually extremely hard for a robot.

Pouring the beer is not the only thing the robot does, in fact it is also able to open the refrigerator, look inside and detect what beers are available, then grasp the beer you chose from your laptop and finally bring it to you. An example of how robots could really make human life a bed of roses.

Here’s a video of the robot in action.


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