3 Tiny Robots You Can Afford

Robots are a relatively recent technology and, even if many of them have been built in the last 20 years, we still don’t see them walking around us. Maybe something is changing though: some fast growing startups developed small robots that are definitely affordable for common people. This is the beginning of the so called Personal Robotics, which aims to make robots affordable and usable for everyone.

Romotive-Romo-1Romo ($149)

Romo is an iPhone based robot developed by Romotive. It is a mobile base for your iPhone or iPod 4 or 5.
What makes it so special beside its lovely face is the fact that it can recognize and track faces, react to different environments and be controlled remotely by any iOS device while using the iPhone camera to see. The Romotive Team is now working on making it easy for everyone to program Romo to react in personalized ways which is going to make it even cooler to own this tiny robot.

ImageMiP ($119)

MiP is a self balancing robot developed by WowWee, the company behind other robot toys such as Robosapien X and RoboMe. But MiP is more than just a toy. It is equipped with GestureSense Technology which means it can respond to motions, be it a hand or an object. It is able to hold small objects and also has several gaming modes which make it a great entertainment tool.

ImageSphero ($79.99)

This last one is probably the most popular one. It is a moving ball that you can control from any android or iOS device. The latest version (Sphero 2.0) can speed up to 7 feet per second and the motion control is said to be extremely sensitive and precise. But the real strength of this product is the software around it which includes single and multiplayer games and even augmented reality.


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