3 Reasons Why Future Smartphones Are Not Going To Be Any Better Than They Are Now


With the end of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a couple days ago , we can now officially say that the smartphone market is going down. Those, that were expected to be the greatest hits, revealed to be the biggest delusions. I’m talking about the so-much-talked-about Samsung Galaxy S5 or the Sony Xperia Z2.

But Why didn’t we see what everyone expected at MWC 2014? It really looks like those amazing concepts that everyone can find on the internet will never be reality. That is true for three reasons:

Smartphones already do everything we need them to do. A 20 megapixels camera, HD, FULL HD or even 4K screen resolution, vocal commands, finger scanner and ANY kind of application or game available for free. Seriously, what else do we need a phone to do? This problem was first started by Apple when it put the innovative fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone 5S and, while everyone was so excited at first, they later noticed how useless this new feature was.

We can’t get better smartphone designs. Sure, concepts are amazing, but there’s a reason why they’re called that way: they are not real. The reason why both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 look just like their previous versions is that both Samsung and Sony can’t make one of those astounding concepts real. So, although Samsung is trying to demonstrate that it can “dominate” new technologies with flexible screens and new wearables, we still didn’t see any foldable smartphone or smartwatch, and, I would add, even the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 looks just like its first version.

Companies are not truly interested in innovating. We must live with it: tech companies are not driven by the wish of changing the world but by the one of making money. That’s why Apple is not worried about the fact that iPhone 5 looks just like iPhone 4 (except for two more inches) as long as people buy it. And that’s also the reason why the companies that are not doing great, such as HTC, are also the most willing to innovate and to introduce something new in order to shake up the market.


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