Are Robots Really Coming?

o-GOOGLE-ROBOTS-facebook Last year will probably be remembered as the one that the greatest tech companies showed their interest for Robotics. Before Christmas, Google acquired eight robotics companies, then an Artificial Intelligence startup called Deepmind. On the other hand, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced that his company will deliver packages with flying drones while Apple announced it will invest part of its capital expenditures on factory robots. It looks like Hollywood got all excited about robots too. Lately we saw three movies coming out with robotics and artificial intelligence as a topic. I’m talking about “Her”, a human-computer love story, “Robot and Frank”, a touching story of friendship between a old styled man and a humanoid machine and, last but not least, the astounding remake of Robocop, the half human and half robot policeman. So, if robots are really coming, can’t we just hope they’ll be as user-friendly as today’s technology?


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